Weekend Reading 11/19

If there is any good to have come out of the past couple weeks following the presidential election (and I am digging deep, ya’ll), I would have to say it is the switch from slacktivism to activism that it has activated in our country, and especially in my millennial peers.

Donations to non-profits have gone through the roof, thousands came together to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline in over 200 demonstrations throughout the country on the No DAPL “Day of Action,” and people are pulling their money out of the big banks that are funding the DAPL.

What all of this shows me is that people are pissed, and people are doing something about it. What Trump has done is brought forth some of our biggest fears. And we, as a nation, are channeling those fears into action. And that is a wonderful thing.

This week in the Eco Blogosphere

This week on Green or Die (in case you missed it), I shared Five Helpful Apps for the Conscious Consumer, Part II of my Guide to Sustainable Fabrics, and The Note Passer’s 40 Ways You Can Combat Climate Change and Live a Better Life.

On Peaceful Dumpling, Supermodel & Activist Angela Lindvall shares what she believes will heal the planet.

TERUMAH shows us how to do a “gel” manicure at home that’s vegan and non-toxic.

Ecosia is the new search engine that does good for the world and you can read more about it on Leotie Lovely.

The Note Passer’s 30 New Traditions to Make Your Holidays Zero Waste shows how you can turn a holiday that’s generally highly waste-producing into one that’s more eco-friendly, without taking any of the fun out of it!

The Trump presidency is being felt around the entire world, not just in our own country. Summer Edwards (all the way over in Australia) discusses the danger of pitting against one another based on political affiliation in the fight against climate change in her recent blog post on Tortoise & Lady Grey.

Happy weekend!

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