Five Helpful Apps For The Conscious Consumer


With the right information at your fingertips, these apps are making it easier than ever to make better choices in your day to day lives- from eating out, to shopping for apparel, to picking up toothpaste on your way home from work.

1 | GoodGuide

“GoodGuide’s mission is to provide consumers with the information they need to make better shopping decisions. We believe that as more consumers choose products that contain ingredients with fewer health concerns, retailers and manufacturers face compelling incentives to make and sell better products.”


GoodGuide uses a comprehensive scoring system to rate a huge list of beauty, self care, food, and household products. According to their website “GoodGuide scores combined product-level health issues (one-third of a product’s score) with company-level environmental and socials issues (two-thirds of a product’s score),” with a 10 as the highest score.


2 | Cruelty Cutter

Search for personal care, cosmetic, beauty, and household products that are cruelty-free and have not been tested on animals. This app, created by the Beagle Freedom Project (if you don’t follow them on Instagram, you don’t know what you’re missing out on), makes it easy by allowing you to scan a barcode with your phone’s camera function to see if a product is Cruelty Cutter-approved. You can look through their directory of cruelty-free brands to see which ones are safe.


3 | Orange Harp

Orange Harp is a shopping app that allows you to buy ethically and sustainably made products from small businesses. Their goal is to to “meet the obvious need to empower people to choose the way their things are made, who makes them and therefore, where their money goes.” Browse through product categories including Lifestyle, Jewelry, Personal Care, Active & Workout, Lingerie & Swim, Shoes, plus several more.


4 | Yerdle

Yerdle is an app that allows you to post your unused/ unwanted items and swap them for items that you do want. How it works is: when you post and ship one of your items to someone in need, you earn Yerdle dollars. You can then use your Yerdle-money towards items that others have listed on the app which you are in need of.


5 | HappyCow

I use this app on almost all of my travels to find local vegan and vegetarian friendly restaurants, markets, and co-ops. I consider this the Yelp for the conscious foodie. You can also write and read others’ reviews, add photos, and star your favorites.

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