Anatomy of a Minimalist Wardrobe | Part II

minimalis wardrobe part 2

First things first, read my first post Anatomy of a Minimalist Wardrobe Part I | Defining Personal Style.

Now that you’ve identified what your personal style is and eliminated which things in your closet don’t reflect that, it’s time to start building a wardrobe that does. Keep in mind that this post is meant to serve as a GUIDELINE for building a minimalist wardrobe. Obviously you have the freedom to tweak and tailor these guidelines to reflect your own style, your body-type, and budget.

I. S K E L E T O N

This includes all of the basic building blocks of a wardrobe- the essentials. Take inventory of which of these items you already own, and then work on building a collection of everyday basics which serve as the canvas for the rest of your wardrobe.

t h e – e s s e n t i a l s

blue jeans
black jeans
tailored jacket
oxford shirt
basic tees
tank tops
everyday/ walking shoes
black pumps


SKELETON minimalist wardrobe


This is the first step in showcasing your personal style. It is where your wardrobe begins to take shape and allows better variety in your day-to-day wear.

t o p s

     button up blouses
     shirt dress

b o t t o m s

printed skirt
maxi skirt
high-waisted shorts

f o o t w e a r

tall boots
short boots

minimalist wardrobe collage 2


Once you’ve got all your bases covered, you can afford to have a little fun. This is where you get to express yourself creatively, and it’s definitely the most transient component of a wardrobe.

This doesn’t mean go crazy, otherwise you’ll find yourself right back where you started. At maximum I would only add a couple of pieces from this category each season. Women tend to spend too much money and place too much emphasis on this category of fashion. Fashion-forward, trendy, creatively-expressive items should really constitute the least investment and take up the least amount of closet real estate.

f a s h i o n – a p p a r e l

rompers/ jumpsuits
printed tops
patterned silk pants

a c c e s s o r i e s

winter scarves
summer scarves

j e w e l r y

simple necklace
statement necklace
stud earrings
dangle earrings


Always invest the most money in SKELETON pieces. These items should last you the longest and will never go out of style. Ideally, once you have a closet stocked with all the “essentials,” you won’t have to replenish these items for decades.

The MUSCLES items should last you anywhere from 5-10 years. They should be high enough quality that you are able to get this much mileage out of them. While these items are meant to reflect your personal style, they should still be classic enough that they will stay in style for years to come.

SKIN items are the trendiest pieces, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be made from ethical, sustainable means. There are tons of ethical jewelry and accessories brands out there, so if you’re going to buy things that are “fast(er) fashion,” make sure they’re ethical.

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